Summer Breeze by Nancy Thayer – Book Review

Summer BreezeI found out about Summer Breeze / Nancy Thayer from Amazon. It was one of their suggestions, if you like this book/author, then you might like this book/author.

This is the first book written by Nancy Thayer that I’ve read and I have to say it really grew on me and I liked it. I’d love it if there was another book with these characters.

The beginning was a little overwhelming to me, because pretty much all of the characters were introduced all at once. But after reading on, I was able to put the character with their name, house and family. The story is about three families that live next door to each other on a lake during one summer. The book opens with them all meeting at a beginning of summer BBQ at one of the homes.

Three female characters forge a unique friendship that we see evolve throughout the book.  Bella, single although in a committed relationship and expected to be engaged. Morgan, married with a workaholic husband and young (toddler) son.  Natalie, single, living in her Aunt’s house for the summer is an artist that finally has time to devote to her painting.

At the end of the summer there has been alot of change, growth, and transition. When the book starts I thought I knew the path of each of the characters, and as it progressed I assumed they would make certain choices and was surprised at the choices that were and were not made. Can’t really divulge more, then you would be mad at me:)

I felt the message of this book is about following your passion. For some characters that meant discovering what their passion was. Another theme, was that things change, life evolves, people make choices that are right for them at that phase in their life and transition is a part of life.

Finally the message that trying to portray someone with wealth or living a lifestyle above your means to impress others, doesn’t bring happiness it only creates stress.

All in all I did like this book, it was a great, clean read. Once I got into it I couldn’t put it down and zipped right through it. I liked the changes and surprises the characters brought to the story.

Bonus: After reading the book I read the dust jacket and found out that Nancy Thayer lives on Nantucket. What?  I love Nantucket.  Never been there but I love reading about it in Elin Hildebrand’s books.  I’ll be posting some reviews for a couple of her books soon.

Looking over some of Nancy’s other titles I’m pretty sure I’m going to be reading more of her. Since I love the beach I’m going to check out Heat Wave, Beachcombers, Moon Shell Beach. Then there is her series, The Hot Flash Club…now that sounds like something I can relate with!  I think I’ve found another great author to follow.

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P.S. Have you read Summer Breeze by Nancy Thayer or any of her other books?  What book would you recommend that I read next of hers?

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