Summer Breeze by Nancy Thayer – Book Review

Summer BreezeI found out about Summer Breeze / Nancy Thayer from Amazon. It was one of their suggestions, if you like this book/author, then you might like this book/author.

This is the first book written by Nancy Thayer that I’ve read and I have to say it really grew on me and I liked it. I’d love it if there was another book with these characters.

The beginning was a little overwhelming to me, because pretty much all of the characters were introduced all at once. But after reading on, I was able to put the character with their name, house and family. The story is about three families that live next door to each other on a lake during one summer. The book opens with them all meeting at a beginning of summer BBQ at one of the homes. Continue reading

Some Like It Hawk, A Meg Langslow Mystery by Donna Andrews – Book Review

Some Like It HawkA couple of years ago a friend loaned me the first two paperback books (Murder With Peacocks and Murder With Puffins) in the Meg Langslow mystery series by Donna Andrews. She thought I might enjoy them because the setting is Virginia where we both have lived.

I read the first two books then went looking for more, and happily found there were quite a few more books in the series to read.  Some Like It Hawk, is the 14th book in the series (if you want to read them in order here is the list) with two more due out in 2013. Continue reading